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Crunch TimeZ is a virtual CFO and CPA firm specializing in scaling startup companies

Numbers tell stories, our job is to interpret that story, so YOU can make more informed decisions, and more readily achieve your goals and discover more possibilities

Top Reasons for Startups Failure

We are here to change that


Business Model Not Viable


Running out of




Carol Zara, CPA

Founder and CEO, Crunch TimeZ

Your Business & Financial Strategist

I am a CPA, a numbers geek, who loves helping business owners like you, leverage financial information to make better sense of numbers and ultimately make better strategic decisions.

 I support startups and entrepreneurs to draft, run and operate a thriving business that can scale and grow sustainably and profitably.

I, myself, embarked on this entrepreneurial journey after many years of working at big companies.

My passion is to make a bigger impact by providing creative and tailormade solutions for small to medium sized businesses.

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Our Professional Contributions to date

Consulting Experience

Enabling business owners to identify more opportunities to turn a profit

Aligning business strategies with its operation and financial performance


  • Implementing Cloud-based systems and simplifying processes 
  • Reducing costs and eliminating redundancies
  • Enhancing business economics and performance
  • Improving cash flow and inventory management
  • Increasing margins, higher production and earnings
Why choose us
We specialize in working with growth oriented businesses; While many of our competitors focus on bigger more established companies. This is what we are

passionate about...

Expert Team

With diverse industry background from construction, manufacturing, food & beverage and Tech, we provide best quality  financial services utilizing the tools of the future

Implementation of Tech Tools

Increasing your business efficiency through Cloud-based systems, data analytics and advanced digital platforms is our passion

Our Collaborative Effort

With our continued support, we bring the closest feeling of having an in-house full time CFO

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about us

Together, we build a stronger business

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Crunch TimeZ Virtual CFO Services

Crunch TimeZ Virtual CFO Services

Together, We build stronger businesses

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