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Why do you need a CFO

Who is a CFO and How to know if you need one?

Who is a CFO Chief Financial Officer is a highly skilled professional. They do more than preparing your taxes and financial statements. They take their financial expertise and channel it into a strategic leadership role to create financial success for the business. A CFO is a trusted confidant, a networking resource, a strategic partner and someone […]
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Strategic Planning

7 Steps to Strategic Planning Process

We have heard of this saying ” If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” but what does planning, particularly strategic planning mean for your business. Planning stage starts with evaluating where you are today. Strategic Planning Process First, in order to get a clear picture of your current state, examine your business from […]
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Digital Transition

Small Businesses Transition to Digital Economy

The recent pandemic has forced many businesses to think about digital solutions that can keep them afloat. Since, many have been forced to reduce physical interactions, shorten operating hours, or to completely close to follow specific guidelines. Therefore, it is now the best time to discover practical digital solutions to make the transition to digital […]
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Business Viability Assessment

In the middle of your everyday business routine and challenges, have you ever asked yourself “If your business is truly viable”? What Does Business Viability Mean? Simply, viability in a business sense is the ability to survive. Viability assessment can cover a broad area. Briefly, this can include the analysis of Market and Product Viability, Management […]
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